Posted by Vegito on Apr 28, 2011

Master of Martial Hearts: Episode 4 – Silently, Like Secrets

Aya is confused because she was introduced to the Leader of the Master of Martial Hearts tournament and it washer high school crush Hiruke. She is so confused she confides with her best friend Natsume, Hiruke’s little sister.

Once again she get a text message on her phone telling her the next fight place. When she goes she finds it is in an auditorium where a girl dressed like a maid is signing. During the song Aya is notified her next fight is against the singer Rinn who has a sole purpose, to win the Martial Heart and become the best singer in the world. Rinns technique is very different using a spear and quick attacks but her biggest weapon is to embarrass Aya on stage by slicing her clothes off piece by piece in front of a crowd. Aya is completely embarrassed by being naked in front of a crown and instead of focusing on the fight hold on to the clothes that is still on her body.

Rinn ends up kicking Aya through a wall sending her through a door and starts celebrating the victory. But Aya has a surprise for her as she comes back to fight Rinn in new clothes she found in the back room. Now armed with her new maids outfit with a pair of cats ears Aya finds her fighting confidence back and is ready to battle Rinn once again.


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