Posted by Vegito on Apr 28, 2011

Master of Martial Hearts: Episode 3 – Three Sisters, Sworn Enemies

Aya starts off by fighting a Mechanic Girls who uses wrenches in her arsenal to defeat Aya. But during the battle Aya loses her self into the fight and begins to show signs of no remorse fighting as she destroys the Mechanics technique easily. The three Dimongi Sisters see Aya’s powers and prowess and are extremely impressed as they send the one sister who is a police girl to really test her fighting ability.

The police sister finds out that a one on one battle with Aya is futile and returns to the rest of the sisters with Aya not too far behind. Once Aya catches up wit the police sister the other two sisters are there, a nurse sister, and the head Geisha sister. They ask Aya to join the Marital Hearts and give up her wish to help with the tournament. But Aya only wants to know where Miko is and refuses to join such an evil organization.

This leads the sisters to battle Aya and use their fighting abilities all at once. Aya will have no choice but to battle all three sisters at once. Using their triple attack technique they have no problems beating Aya up, but Aya makes a choice where she decides that focusing on beating one to death and in return will take the punishment from the other 2 sisters may be the best tactic.

Warning: Above Average Anime Fluff

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