Posted by Vegito on Apr 28, 2011

Master of Martial Hearts: Episode 2 – A Reason to Fight

Aya Iseshima begins to look for her new friend Miko Kazuke and find that all of her stuff in Miko’s apartment has been tossed all over, so she runs to the Church next door where Miko works and does not find her there. Not only is she not there the people who own the church have never heard of her. Aya then calls the police and when they get to Miko’s apartment the police are upset because now the apartment is completely empty.

This send Aya into a tail spin of confusion and is forced to keep looking. When she finally calms down and gets to school she finds out her next opponent is her teacher Miss Suma who uses a technique never before seen, which she calls her elements technique. Where based on an elements chart she is able to wield a set amount of specific formulas that allow her body to use as a Martial Arts skill. But because Aya is her student both of them find ways to try to not hurt each other because of the teacher/student relationship they already have.

While Aya and Miss Suma fight, 3 mysterious girls watch in full attention.

Warning: Above Average Anime Fluff

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