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Master of Martial Hearts: Episode 1 – Destiny Sprints Into Motion

The Martial Heart tournament is here an only women can join because they are the ones that can see the Martial Heart. The Martial Heart tournament is a group of women who fight each other for the grand prize, the Martial Heart, once they win the Martial Heart they can make any wish they want. But if they lose a battle the will be banished to a dark void.

The story starts off as Aya Iseshima is on her way to school with her friend Natsume Honma, as they pass by a dark alley they see two women fighting. The two women fighting are Miko a Priestess and a flight attendant. Aya uses her Martial Arts skills and ends up stopping the fight by getting in between both women. Both of the fighting women flee leaving Aya and Natsume confused about what they just saw.

During lunch Miko finds Aya and Natsume and explains the fight as the Martial Heart and that her only wish is to won so she may have her wish… to have friends. Aya and Natsume offer their friendship immediately so that Miko no longer has to fight, and tell her she will have both of them as friends forever.

As Aya strolls home she receives a text message saying that due to Miko dropping out of the Martial Hearts she will now be a fighting participant in the tournament. The Fight Attendant returns at night and gives Aya a bag full of money and explains that the money is hers for being in the tournament and that she will defeat her in Mortal Combat.

Aya defeats the Flight Attendant and rushes back to Miko’s house to find out more about the Martial Hearts tournament, but she find that Miko’s house has been ransacked and Miko is no where to be found.

Warning: Above Average Anime Fluff

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