Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Macross Plus: Episode 1

2040 AD the threat of alien Zentradi and Earthling is almost at a stand still with small battles here and there around the galaxy. Isamu Dyson a cocky hard headed pilot is bored with the challenges before him in the Earth Defense Force his block headed schemes finally come to a stop and to his enjoyment gets transferred to the Planet Eden to become a test pilot.

When he gets to Eden is is geared up for a new test project called Super Nova. To his surprise the competing test pilot is Guld Bowman a mysterious long time rival. The project consists of 2 planes valkyrie’s on the YF-23 which uses brain wave lengths to control the batteloid, and the YF-19 which is an agile more custom craft.

Both Isamu and Guld are ready for the challenge if anything to solve old scored and hatred towards each other until another old face appears Myung a very mutual Ex-Girlfreind. Macross Plus captures human emotion with mecha perfectly.

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