Posted by Vegito on Jan 5, 2012

Macross II (2) – Episode 3: Festival

Marduk Soldier

UN Spacey has their annual Moon Festival which is the greatest show featuring the military and song. UN Spacey is very weary of having the festival with the war going on, but they feel it is in the best interest of Earth to show that they are still winning the war while hiding the truth. Plus they want to unveil a new Valkyrie called the Metal Siren. Ishtar hears all of the beautiful music and convinces Hibiki to go and take her with him. But first she want to visit the Macross Fortress to find out if it is the legendary Marduk ship the Alus.

Once they get to the Macross Ishtar finally reveals who she is to Hibiki, while Sylvie spies on them. Ishtar explains about who she is and what the Marduk have in store for Earth. Once at the festival the Marduk mistake a singer for an Earth Emulator and decide to go capture her. But in exchange for leaving the Earth Emulator alone, Ishtar asks to exchange the singer Wendy for herself.

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