Posted by Vegito on Jan 4, 2012

Macross II (2) – Episode 2: Ishtar

Ishtar Marduk Emulator

Hibiki has taken Ishtar to a hidden location while the war between UN Spacey and the Marduk has become dismal for earth. Fett, a Marduk soldier goes looking for Ishtar on earth, and Ishtar knows they will be looking for her. But she find and see the Macross Fortress and she believes it might be their legendary ship the Alus. Macross Fortress is known to bring earths cultures together with Earthling and Zentradi according to Earth lore.

Hibiki is frustrated with his work, finding out that UN Spacey has cut up all of his footage from the last battle and reported the news as Earth was winning the war, even though it is the Marduk who are breaking through the war lines. Earths Minmay defense has no effect on these new Marduk Zentradi, but with out Ishtar the Marduk Emulators they will not be able to control their Zentradi warriors.


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