Posted by Vegito on May 20, 2011

Join the (Starwars) Saber Guild!

We had the opportunity to meet these great people at a local comic book show and these guys are passionate about their Star Wars. It is great to help people and even greater to help people while doing things you are passionate about. Check out their website at and join them or book them right away for up coming events. Here is their mission statement.

The Saber guild is a non-profit groups which shares our passion for Star Wars through a variety of performances at different events. Our Light-saber performances are appealing to the fans of al ages. And we can appear at an assortment of events such as parades, fairs, and conventions.

We are a voluntary non-profit costumed performance group of Starwars enthusiasts. We appear in various events as a way of helping non-profit organizations and spread the joy of Star Wars to others.

For information about how to book us for events or join our ranks please call (714) 499-6553 or you can email us at

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