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io9 Rob Bricken Explains – Why Robotech Is The Greatest Love Story Of The 20th Century

Robotech: Macross Saga - Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmay

Robotech: Macross Saga – Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayse, Lynn Minmay

io9’s Rob Bricken explains why Robotech Is The Greatest Love Story Of The 20th Century you can check out the story here Robotech Love Story.

We feel that he is on point about most of the subjects he bring up, not only is Robotech one of the greatest anime love story of all time, it was also one of the first shows on American television that introduced multi-racial corporation and one of the first multi-racial couples (Roy Fokker & Claudia).

Rick Hunter plays a young pilot who  deals with what many young men go through, confusion on what woman to pick. Through out the Robotech story line he initially falls for the young singer and bubbly dancer Lynn Minmay but as later the story develops he develops feeling for his commanding officer Lisa Hayse who is older, mature, and conservative. He is torn between two loves in his life and in the end makes his ultimate choice all while the battle for Earth between UN Spacey and the Zentradi is in the balance.

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