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iCosplague in Redlands, California invite you to Join

iCosplague located in Redlands, California

iCosplague located in Redlands, California

Developed by Pauline a local college student and fiction lover she develops a groups of cosplayers who’s main goal is to cosplay and go to all the Anime, Manga, Comic book, and Fiction events in California as a group and in costume. The main difference between this group and other cosplay groups is that her group focuses on Villains as well as hybrid original costumes such as Comic book characters as zombies or evil Disney Characters.

The group originally started when Pauline became a part of the IE Zombie Beauty Pageant show, and after 3 years of that as well as being followed by MTV her last year decided she wanted to do something more. She developed iCosplague immediately forming a group of people who share the same interests and want to show off their artistic and character talents across the world.

You can visit her club on face book here:

Or visit their main website:

They are a great group of people and invite everyone and anyone to join, if you are a local resident of Redlands, California and are interested in Anime, Manga, Villains, fiction, comic books and more and would love to cosplay then these people with their experience can help you on your way.

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