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Gurren Lagann: Simon

Gurren Lagann: Simon

Simon is the main character in Gurren Lagann, his is a 14 year old boy from the Giha village who was happy digging for the village and finding small treasures but who is looked down upon from his village. Until a mech (Gunman) destroys his village, he finds a secret key and his own Gunman who is best friend Kamina names Lagann. Armed with his own Gunman and with his Bro (Kamina) and Yoko a beautiful young woman from another underground village adventure ensues.

Simon is a very timid character who lacks confidence to fight. He gains most of his strength from his Bro, Kamina. He actively tried to find his own fighting spirit much like Kamina with his Mech Lagann that is able to produce drills out from anywhere from its body.

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