Posted by Anime Geek on Feb 24, 2012

Gurren Lagann – Episode 2: I Said I’m Gonna Pilot That Thing!!


Simon, Kamina, and Yoko reach the surface and end up destroying the Gunman that destroyed Simons village in the process. When they reach the surface they find 2 Gunman waiting for them that must of been friends with the Gunman they just destroyed.

Simon tries to run away much to Kamina’s dismay but they get rescued by the rest of Yokos village who have become surface dwellers because of the monsters that command the Gunmen named Beastmen.

Yoko’s village repels the attack from the beastmen and learn more about the villages they come from and what kind of lives they each are living.

The Beastmen come back with support of a new Red Gunman and Kamina is determined to get his hands on it for himself by stealing it during battle. Now Simon, Yoko, and Kamina are on a suicide mission to retrieve the Red Gunman.

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