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Gologo 13: Target 2 – Room Number 909

Gologo 13 - Target 2

Gologo 13 – Target 2

Gologo 13 Duke Togo has been contracted by FCC executives to eliminate a problem employee. The half Hawaiian, half Japanese assassin must take out a target from 1 half a miles away 31 stories up. When he finishes the job he looses the 30mm shell casing of the custom built rifle he used.

A veteran investigator named Sam finds evidence of  assassination  from a pro and his first suspect is Duke Togo.

Sam’s Partner is not as optimistic and for Duke Togo to still be in town and staying in plain sight there is no way that Duke can be their suspect.

Sam keep Duke from going on his flight out of the state while he conducts a through search of his rent room in hopes of finding anything that can lead Duke to jail. Sam find a custom rifle that can fire the same exact projectile that the shell casing had show but can he pin the whole thing on Duke. Any why is Duke so calm about Sam’s investigation.

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