Posted by Anime Geek on Jun 19, 2014

Gologo 13: Target 1 – At Pin-Hole

Gologo 13 - Duke Togo

Gologo 13 – Duke Togo

A jet liner plane has been taken hostage by a man who took a Sky Marshals Gun and have a cell phone full of C-4 Explosive. S.W.A.T. has no answers on how to take out the lone gunman. The Plane tower command must find someone who can stop this mad mad before he gets his demands or takes out a hundred plus passengers.

Duke Togo is let out of jail after being assaulted by a man who drops the charges suspiciously. He is then contacted by the plane tower to help them take care of the mad man taking over their plane.

It is up to Gologo 13 Duke Togo to come to the rescue. Right after he picks up a 100,000.00 dollar custom rifle.

But the plane has changed position and now it would be an impossible sniper shot from more than 500 meters away. Can Gologo 13 make the perfect shot to take out the gunman before he blows up the plane?

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