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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

This movie takes place after the great game Final fantasy VII after the war with Shinara and Sepheroth Cloud, Tiffa, and Barrett have settled down a bit. But the earth seems to be punishing the survivors for her scarring so people have been getting sick with a virus they call Stigma, with no cure people are sick around the world. Stigma makes you weak and sick and has a green bluish mark that is easily visible on the skin.

Cloud has downgraded his ex-SOLDIER job to one of a courier, he is contacted by Rufus an ex-Shinara henchmen asking for help. When Cloud goes to see what Rufus wants he finds that the President of Shinara is still alive and they need a body guard against a new enemy Kadaj and his gang who seem to be looking for Mother. Cloud gracefully declines but Kadaj goes after Cloud thinking he knows something about this Mother Kadaj is looking for putting Cloud smack in the middle of drama he has no reason to be part of.

There is something very familiar about Kadaj, a reminiscence of Sepheroth or the project Jenova, the exact thing that Cloud fought against in the past.

This movie has to be one of the best CGI Computer generated Animation of its time. The story captures the essence of what Final Fantasy 7 was all about including the all the returning characters such as Vincent, Cid, Yuffie, and more!

This is one brilliant movie, one that all of the fans will definitely enjoy and will cause new people unfamiliar to Final Fantasy 7 to go searching for the game itself.

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