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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final fantasy; the Spirits Within

Final fantasy; the Spirits Within

Final Fantasy the Spirits within follow no current Final Fantasy game and was a good attempt into making a Final Fantasy movie with Square Enix but fell very short to capturing anything Final Fantasy except a little bit of a story line. This movie was visually beautiful and had an all star voice cast but that was not enough to carry it far as the production company was immediately shut down right after the movie premier, it did not make enough money in the theaters to warrant such a huge budget they worked with.

The Earth is dying and it is up to a group of scientists following military rule to find what the cause is and find out where the “Spirits” come from that are able to kill people just by touching them. The team is led by Aki a very hard headed scientist that believes the the spirits and the Gaia the earth spirit are connected. She has her own escort of military personnel who are to be her protectors and helping hands at all times led by Captain Gray Edwards.

General Hein the main base commander is not impressed by Aki’s findings and he only goal is to exterminate the spirits. He disregards her finding and his only goal is to prove that he is right even if it means he puts innocent people at risk.

This movie is worth watching for the visual scenery they have made CGI so real back in 2001 that it was hard to tell if you were watching animation or if you were watching a live action movie. An all star cast of voice talent such as Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames, Donald Sutherland, and James woods.

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