Posted by Vegito on May 23, 2011

Cobra 3rd Night Watch Division – Fan Club

Cobra 3rd Night Watch Division is a great group of men and women who dress up like the evil organization Cobra in the G.I. Joe cartoon and movie series. These guys go to every event they can in Southern California related to comic books, conventions, and events. Not only do they do this for the novelty fun but they even go out of their way to visit fundraisers, sick children, and cancer events to try to give smiles to people all around the world. And this Cobra group gives back as they have never taken in a single dollar for their services. The Cobra 3rd Night Watch Division is more than just a club and group it is about partnerships and friends who love what they are a part of. Here is their motto:

Welcome to the Cobra 3rd Night Watch Division, the Southern California Garrison of Cobra’s Finest! The purpose of this group is to recreate the rank and file of one of the most beloved fictional villainous organizations, Cobra, in a realistic fashion. We do not endorse any political point of view nor do we endorse terrorism in any form, we are simply a group of costumed reenacters.

Check them out now at:

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