Posted by Vegito on May 11, 2011

Chrome Shelled Regios: Part 1

Chrome Shelled Regios is based on a Japanese light graphic novel by Shūsuke Amagi. The Earth has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with monsters and beasts called Contaminoids and all of the people on the planet live in large mobile cities, that keep moving so they never get attacked.

The story takes place on a Regios (A large Mobile City) where where Nina Antalk Captain of the 17th Platoon, is looking for a new recruit for their team, unfortunately all the new recruits are taken except a mysterious civilian who is forced into the Military academy named Layfon Alseif. Layfon refuses to be a part of the military but is hard pressed to refused since he does not get any choice. Once in the 17th Platoon he hides his incredible fighting ability, but Nina has a feeling that he is a lot more then he seems.

During a tournament match that the Platoons play to find out who is the best team, Layfon show off his power on accident because he wants to help Nina win the tournament.


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