Posted by Vegito on Jun 25, 2011

Black Butler – Episode 3: His Butler, Omnipotent

Black Butler Sabastian will need everything in his power to keep his wit as Ciel’s Aunt asks Ciel to have her Butler Grell trained by Sabastian directly. Not only is Grell a horrible clumsy butler he seems to add more work to the Phantomhive house hold then necessary. But the day gets worse as Elizabeth, the lady betrothed to Ciel comes to visit and ends up decorating the whole estate as a cute reflection of herself.

Ciel decides to appease Lizzy (Elizabeth) and have a ball and it gets quickly out of hand as the servants must dress up all to make her happy. But even more concerning Ciel doesn’t know how to dance so Sebastian is back to the rescue. Lizzy has a fit of anger because it is not perfect and destroys Ciel’s greatest hierloom, the Phantomhive ring that is passed on from generation to generation. Ciel prooves to be the better person and ignores the catastrophy and dances with Lizzy all to make her happy

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