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Aquarion (Genesis of Aquarion)

Genisis of Aquarion

Mythical creatures named Shadow Angels have come back after 12,000 years to take back the planet Earth. These angels are harvesting life force with creatures named harvest beasts and protected by Cherubim Soldiers which are large mecha type creatures that stand over 10 stories tall. These creature prove to be too much for the inhabitants of earth and puts the earth into ruin.

DEAVA or Division of Earth Vitalization Advancement create a team of people, soldiers with elemental powers to rise a mythical Mecha named Aquarion. It is said that if Aquarion can come back then it will be enough to vanquish the Shadow Angels, but the catch is DEAVA must find the reincarnation of Apollonius.

DEAVA might have found the reincarnation of Apollonius through a crazy animal like boy named Apollo. To much of the other trained soldiers dismay the seek Apollo out to verify if he has the legendary wings on his back.

This anime is a reincarnation of all the old 1980 to 2000 of the old school connecting ships and craft to form the ultimate mecha weapon. The differences are that they have added a very spiritual feel to it, using god and demi-god like names while humans also have special abilities such as elements.

The art work is visually beautiful for people who love Mecha. And each episode keeps giving you tons of entertainment with the action, fair enough drama to keep you interested, and mystery suspense that is a edge of your seat pleaser.


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