Posted by Vegito on Apr 28, 2011

Anime Fluff

Anime Fluff – Is the measurement of the amount of sexuality that is present in the Anime or Manga. In Japan there is a very low tolerance when it comes to nudity but a very high tolerance on sexual penetration. Most Anime Japanese animation has a little “Anime Fluff”. For example Ranma 1/2 has at least one scene where Ranma accidentally show his/her boobs when he changes from a guy to a girl. Versus Martial Hearts Tournament which is Average Anime fluff because just about every scene is shot as if you are a pervert, most of the show is shot bottom then pans up to show panties, but then most of the time they are fully clothed. But as soon as a battle happen clothes get shredded between women like every scene.

Anime Fluff as been around since the 80’s and it is never going to change. Because lets face it, there is nothing wrong with a little Anime Fluff.

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