Posted by Vegito on Jan 10, 2012

Akira Movie Closed Down After Huge Aniticipation

Akira Poster

One of the highest anticipated Anime Manga live action movies has been closed down. According to rumors and a few solid sources the movie was completely closed down in the middle of casting and script development, no other solid information has been released.

Akira is an anime classic, set in a post apocalyptic New Manhattan a young man must stop his brother from destroying himself and the city from telekinetic powers he has acquired. With only his street smarts from being in a gang, and his trusty high end motorcycle he must get past the scientist that made his brother this way, rival gangs, and the military.

It is no surprise that this production has been shut down, about every 3 years there seems to be studios that have been interested in the idea of coming out with an Akira movie but problems with budget, scripts, and acquiring high celebrity actors, there always seems to be a wrench that throws off all the cogs. Just about all of the Anime fans from the 80’s and 90’s know the original anime to be one of the pioneers of American Anime transference.

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