Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Robotech II: the Sentinels

Robotech II: the Sentinels picks up right after the Macross Saga where Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayse gets married and a new generations of characters come into play. The SDF-1 has been destroyed but with he help of ex-foes Breetai and Exadore they have built the SDF-3 created with eh left over robotech technology as well as old Zentradi ships to make a ship worthy to look for the RObotech Masters and protoculture.

The Robotech masters are in hiding and the Invid have caught up with them after many years. They send new robotic animals that the Masters have never seen before to their planet and are quickly captured. While Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayse prepares for the journey of marriage and possibly never seeing the Earth again.

This pilot was short lived and unfortunately could of been a great series none of the original animation was introduced and even though this movie followed the same japanimation style it was a clear crisp new version of Robotech never seen. But then again is was just a pilot and not enough backing to really make it a break through project for all Robotech fans this is a collectors piece and should be in their arsenal of Robotech collections of what could of been.

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5 Responses to “Robotech II: the Sentinels”

  1. Robotech says:

    There will only be the “original” series as we know and love it. I remember the short lived attempt to get this off the ground. Good times…

  2. ex-sell69 says:

    *Vomits on blog* Really? You think the sentinels has was made in the same style as Macross… Despide Harmony Gold not having the rights from the people that made it. So Robotech isn’t even anime any more, it’s a cartoon. Whats next? Saban’s Sailor Moon was in the same style as the anime? All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold! Robotech fans should kill themseleves for the love of lord Shoji Kawamori!

  3. Vegito says:

    LOL I love Macross, and Robotech, just turns our Robotech was a catalyst for many anime lovers now! And I agree there is a huge difference between both stores and we will post Macross story lines and series soon. And yes Robotech II the Sentinels was supposed to follow the popular comic book that was released in the United States what was in my opinion a great series!!!

  4. Lorren says:

    Home run! Great slugging with that aenswr!

  5. ex-sell69 says:

    fuck me! Yeah Robotech made us all anime fans before we were ever born! Robotech: Luke, I am your father! Luke: NOOOOO! Everyone has a reason for being a anime fan[some even hate anime], but I don’t drop my pants down and stick my “thing” in every ones mouths, saying: Robotech made you an anime fan! I support the Japanese that made it, why don’t you try that too? All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold! Robotech fans should kill themselves for the love of lord Shoji Kawamori!

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