Posted by Vegito on May 28, 2013

KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple – (S1-E9) Apapapa! Apachai’s Training!

Apachai Greatest Muay Thai Boxer is known to kill!

Apachai Greatest Muay Thai Boxer is known to kill!

Kenichi is now set to fight Takeda but this boxer is all speed and no fear. It is up to Muay Thai Kick Boxer Apachai to train Kenichi but only if he can pull his punches, since Apachai has only been tranined to kill he does not have the ability to hold back and must do his best to not to accidentally kill Kenichi.

Apachai has a loving heart but his fighting spirit and large muscular body makes it hard for him to do any thing gently especially with a not so great dodging Kenichi. But more importantly Apachai can teach Kenichi how to destroy boxers with a fury of different knees, elbows, and low kicks.

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