Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Dragon Ball the Original Series

Dragon Ball the Original Series

A mysterious boy Goku shows up with a monkey like tail and is trained by the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi in the martial art and the awesome Kamamah Wave. With his new friends Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and is floating cloud they have huge adventures fighting bad guys and saving people around the world. Their adventure starts when they mist gather the Dragon Balls so that Goku can make a wish and hopefully bring his Grandpa Gohan back to life. Bulma creates a Dragon Radar that can find the rest of the Dragonballs and hopefully allow her to have one wish of her own. Goku already has one of the Dragon Balls that his Grandpa gave him which is the 4 star ball that he keeps with him as a keepsake.


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